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We partner with the Community Services Board of Fairfax and Falls Church to pay for goods and services otherwise unfunded but essential in helping persons with mental health issues to achieve his/her treatment goals.


From: Mental Health Therapist

Date: Febuary 2018

Subject: Grant Outcome




I am writing to update you on the status of the financial assistance that you provided for a client for a security deposit with New Hope Housing. Today the client signed his lease, submitted the payment and received his keys to his new apartment. I had the opportunity to accompany him to the new apartment and I cannot stress enough how grateful he is for this opportunity. This gentleman has been homeless for over three years and now has a place to call his own due to the assistance of your organization. He asked me to express his gratitude for your help. It has truly made a difference in someone's life today. 


Have a wonderful day, 



From: Mental Health Therapist - Behavioral Health Outpatient Services

Date: September 2017

Subject: Grant Outcome


Good afternoon,


I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you on behalf of my client and myself for the $400 assistance for his security deposit. The check was submitted to New Hope Housing today when he signed his lease for his new apartment. Thanks to your assistance, he will be sleeping in a bed in his own home tonight instead of in the woods, where he has been for the past three months. Your assistance is so appreciated.


Have a wonderful evening, 



From: Health Integration Manager

Date: April 2017

Subject: Grant Outcome





I have attached the invoice for the NVMHF that covered the co-payments for clients receiving services at Neighborhood Health. I apologize for it being so late, Neighborhood Health had to obtain the recent balances for clients. The funds provided by NVMHF were able to cover the co-payments for clients in the CSB to access primary care services through Neighborhood Health at the Gartlan location. As you can see by the invoice, many clients still have a balance due to continuing to see the doctor after the February 2017 invoice date. This means they are following up with the doctor and utilizing this resource. We appreciate your support in this integration effort. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you again. 




From: Behavioral Health Outpatient & Case Management Services

Date: July 2017

Subject: Grant Outcome


Thank you so very much for the grant which funded my client to get his dentures. He was able to go to Affordable Dentures and get his full set of dentures, in one day. I think that day changed many things for him. Besides that, his new teeth will help him to eat more foods and, a healthier diet. His view of himself and his outlook on life made an amazing transformation almost instantly. 


It was pretty sweet, he told me that when they put his dentures in, he couldn't stop crying he was so happy to finally be done with mouth pain and tooth extractions, and now he can smile without feeling bad about himself. 


It was also pretty funny because he picked the brightest white teeth they had. I told him he should get something that looked more real, but he didn't listen to me. He's very happy with his new teeth. He is writing a thank you not to you, which I believe he plans to mail. 


Thank you again, 


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